2 Aug 2015

12WBT Pre-Season – July 2015

Hey gang!

I've just finished pre-season for the 12 Week Body Transformation and I am all set to start tomorrow!

One of the pre-season tasks I needed to do before starting was to organise and diarise so there are no 'I'm too busy' 'I couldn't fit it in' excuses. When I looked at my calendar I realised that the only time that I'm not either working or parenting is early in the morning. At first I started thinking about all the reasons why I didn't want to get up early... mostly these two:

I'll be exhausted all day and I wont get to spend quality time with John in the evenings because I'll have to go to bed so early.

But then I really thought about these things rationally and came up with solutions. I will be exhausted for a little while, and then my body will get used to the early mornings and pretty soon my body will be thriving on the endorphins from my workouts. As I get fitter I will have more energy. Yay!

I will definitely need to go to bed early but this just means John and I will need to re-frame what we think of as quality time. Instead of slothing on the couch watching Netflix until waaaay too late every night, maybe we will have breakfast together before we start the day or maybe we can schedule in a few more intentional dates on the weekends. And actually, it's quite ok for me to kiss him goodnight at 9pm and let him potter around doing his own thing for a couple of hours after I turn in for the night.

To ease my anxiety about getting up early I decided to practice last week. I went to the gym at 5:30 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and it was fine... actually, it was great. I worked out for an hour and then went to my local coffee place for a very relaxed cuppa and a little alone time before heading home and getting everyone ready for school (and work!).

So tomorrow is day one. Please feel free to check in on me over the next 12 weeks. Also, let me know if you're doing it too! I love having buddies along the way.

Yours in good health!


Pre Season Stats:
Start weight: 124.8kg
Clothing size: 22-24

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