28 Nov 2014

Endorphining the blues away.

Good morning!

I'm posting from the gym today between sessions. This week is the first since my doctors visit that I'm able to properly carry out my new 4 day a week training plan due to my birthday 2 weekends ago and a wedding last weekend. 

Here is yesterday's effort:

And today's so far:

I'm about to head back in to get on the treadmill and watch bad daytime TV.

I thought I'd pop in and record that today I've been dealing with some really black feelings triggered by money stress and family conflict. Where I would usually choose to spend the day at home on the couch watching iview and eating carbs, today I am smashing it out at the gym and the endorphins are already kicking in!

I'm so pleased with this progress. Go me!

Also, 90210 was on the tready TV earlier Which made me happy. 

For the record, I took some "before" pics yesterday:

Confronting, but good to have on record.

Gah... I hate these. But I'll be glad to look back on them. 

Big shoutout to my cousin Lisa-Marie for making it possible for me to have a gym membership. Xxoo

Anyway, back to it!


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