24 Jun 2014

The photo that made me really glad I started this thing...

So, I'm about 7 kilos and over one dress size down. My energy levels have increased and I am exercising for over two hours a week - this is gradually increasing as I get fitter but for now it's SO much more than I have been doing over the last year or so and I'm proud of that.

Anyway... you know how sometimes it's easier to live in a state of denial than to actually acknowledge how serious things are getting? Well, I definitely have been doing that. Denying how big I was getting and how sick I was feeling and instead buying bigger clothes every few months so I could keep ignoring that serious change needed to happen. 

I just couldn't face it. The last few years have been very stressful and I was just managing to hang on emotionally. I didn't have the emotional energy to deal with my increasingly bad choices. Emotional eating, emotional laziness, comfort, lots of sitting, thinking that it was all making me feel better but in reality it made me worse....and worse and worse.

So I've actually changed things! I really have! And it's starting to show! And I'm proud of my efforts. 

Talk about the power of positive reinforcement! For the sake of transparency, I have spent the last month kick-starting with the help of Optifast and I am about to transition to a balanced 1300-1500cal plan in the next few days to ensure I am getting adequate nutrition and ensuring slow and steady losses until I reach my goal. 

I haven't addressed the title of this post have I? I'm feeling very challenged and embarrassed that I let myself get so out of control but I feel that it would be good to share so that I can remember how far I have come and how little changes and being consistent can have a big effect in the long term... That's what Operation Move is all about... little changes and consistency. Anyway... here it is. I'm struggling to even add it to the post but I know I need to. For me... no one else.

This is me with my little boy a few months ago. I honestly had NO idea at the time that I looked like this from the side. No wonder I was having so much trouble playing with my kids and doing simple things like crossing my legs when seated. 

I also recently participated in a film clip for Georgia Fields's new single The Hood and The Hunter and to be honest, when I saw my face pop up on the screen I was so shocked at how round it was. I took a comparison picture last night.

So YES! There's a difference and I am very proud and keen to keep going and feeling better every day. I am unsure if I want to post my weight and measurements... Do people want to know that stuff? Does it matter? I guess it's up to me and right now I don't feel like sharing that stuff. I'd rather focus on how I'm feeling.

I want to give a big shout out to the lovely and supportive people at Operation Move* who have been so generous, kind and caring. I wouldn't have achieved this had I not started the Get Moving program with you.

You may have noticed that this blog has changed. It was going to be a blog that I shared with my friend Yelka but things have changed and I've decided to keep the blog going with a different name.

Here is the gorgeous music video I mentioned above. I'm totes famous... albeit moon-faced. 

*Disclaimer: I am participating in Operation Move - Get Moving for free in exchange for sharing my story with you all. Good deal huh!?


Anonymous said...

wow - that is so fantastic - and the best part is that you're focusing on how great you feel - that's what will make this life changing. well done, flick x

Amelia Smith said...

I love this video